Parenting has long been a great fascination of mine. Being a real planner in everything I do, it made sense that I should research as much as I could on the one thing that you can’t really reach – how to parent – so I can be better prepared when the time comes.

With each child being so different, it really is a matter of tailoring your parenting to fit your child and their temperament – what they respond to and what incentivises them. But there are some things that are not quite as subjective, things that are fact based and can be researched to ensure that you do your best as a parent. Entering into the decision to try for a baby, we can all be better prepared in our knowledge of how our own lifestyles affect those of our future children, and the way that nutrition and sleep affect the development of a child.

This is my journey in discovering more about the science behind raising a healthy child, how to optimise their physical and mental health and wellbeing, and role-model the kind of lifestyle you’d want your children to lead. With a back ground in sociology, I’m interested in the theories of attachment parenting, practices such as co-sleeping, and the long term effects of a parents’ lifestyle on a child. Whilst I have started this website with the intention of documenting my journey towards being a future Sleep Consultant for Babies and Toddlers, it is my intention to explore all aspects of parenting including pre-natal and ante-natal care.

Please let me know if you have any questions of your own and parenting theories that you have discovered through your own journey in parenting or the decision to parent.

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