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Sleepy Roo is the website by Melbourne aspiring baby sleep consultant Anushka Britto.


Hey, I'm Anushka!

Whether you have children or are thinking about having them, having children is widely considered to be life changing. Their tiny pitter-patters bring joy, laughs beautiful memories but also sadly, sleepless nights.

The impact of this on a child’s development and the mental health of exhausted parents cannot be quantified but some of the effects are:

  • Suboptimal ante-natal growth
  • Infant and Toddler difficulty to adjust to routines
  • Poor performance at work due to sleep deprivation
  • Stress on parents relationship

If you are struggling or simply want to establish good routines and sleeping habits from the very start, reach out to a sleep consultant and request a free consultation to find out more.

This website documents my journey towards becoming a fully accredited Sleep Consultant and research on aspects of parenting, nutrition, and health covering pre-conception, pre-natal and ante-natal care.

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